Geographical Position

?Ji’an is located in the middle of Jiangxi province and middle reaches of the Ganjiang River. It is situated on a strategically important terrain as it’s in the middle of Luoxiao Mountain controlling vital passages from Hunan province to Jiangxi province. Beijing-Kowloon railway, National Highway 105 is running through the territory from north to south, National Highway 319 is running from east to west, and other three highways running to the south. It is a key transportation junction to connect Beijing, southwest China, and southern part of China, Fujian province as well as Hong Kong and Macao. With its unique geographical characteristics in Jiangxi province, it is able to go to Fujian province and Guangdong province by water through the Ganjiang River. It also connects Yangtze River through Poyang Lake to reach developed provinces and cities of lower reaches of Yangtze River. 
Geographically, Ji’an is located between latitude 2558’32”N and 2558’32”N, longitude11346’E and 11556’E. Its total length is about 218 km. It is 208km from east to test, which covers an area of 25,272 thousand square km. It has many mountains and hills as the mountainous areas comprise 50% of the total territory of Ji’an. Plains and downlands accounting for 23%, hilly land is 23% and rivers and lakes is 4%. Thus, most of the territory is mountains and hills and the rest are waters and farmlands. 
To its east, there is Chongren County of Fuzhou City, Le’an City, Ningdu County and Xingguo County of Ganzhou City. To its south, there is Gan County of Ganzhou City, Nankang City and Shangyou City. To its west, there is Guidong County, Yanling County and Chaling county of Hunan province. To its north, there is Fengcheng County of Yichun City, Zhangshu City, Xinyu City and Pingxiang City. 
Ji’an municipal government locates in Jizhou district, which is 219 km away from Nanchang, capital city of Jiangxi Province; it’s 1,805.6 km by railway from Beijing, capital of China.
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