Development of City Construction

?In 2009, 14,517 Mu construction land was newly expropriated, 1,282 Mu idle lands was put into use again. 800,000 square meters land was gained by way of demolition and relocation, including 420,000 square meters land of central urban area, which guaranteed the smooth operation of the construction work. A series of key urban construction projects aiming to improve city’s function and quality came into operation gradually. The construction work of Northern joint road of Ganyue Expressway, New Hebu Bridge, transformation of Shiyang Road, Zhengqi Square, streetscape projects of Jinggangshan Road and Yangming Road have been completed. Construction of Chengnan new district, Municipal culture and art center, people’s center park, Luling cultural and ecological park, Tianhuashan Park, Zhenjunshan park projects are speeding up. The frame of “One City with Three District, Two Rivers with Three Banks has been put into practice comprehensively, giving a new look to the urban landscape of the city. The city has entered the list of provincial healthy cities, Excellent National Tourism Cities and National Garden Cities. In the past two years, 366 key urban construction projects have been carried out with 7.59 billion Yuan put into investment, among which 70 center city projects, receives 3.3 billion Yuan investment. 
By the end of 2009, total built-up area of towns increased by 34.7 square kilometers compared with that of 2007. Central city area gained another 10.06 square kilometers. Road area expanded 9.16 million square meters, increasing 3.85 million square meters compared with that of 2007. Green area per capita in central city area was 12.6 square meters, increasing by 5.2 square meters compared with that of 2007.
Total built-up area of towns increased 62.35 square kilometers, reaching 190 square kilometers in 2010. Urban population increased by 451,000 people, urbanization rate increased by 8.98%. The projects of Chengnan New District, Binjiang New District, Chengbei New District were accelerated. Municipal culture and art center, People’s Square, Luling cultural and ecological park have been completed in succession. Projects of second phase construction of Jinggangshan Road, southern extension of Jizhou Road, road network of Chengnan New District, Hedong Binjiang New District and Chengbei New District have been completed and put into use. Municipal gymnasium and library have also completed and opened to the public. The construction of Municipal Science & Technology Hall and Youth Center, Museum and Exhibition Hall, main bus station are speeding up. Construction of trade and commercial projects and logistics centers are carried out smoothly.
The transformation of old towns was carried out comprehensively. A series of road lightening and streetscape transformation have been completed. Old residential areas and small streets and lanes have been repaired. Comprehensive urban beauty project has seen remarkable improvements. The construction of Ji-Tai city clusters was started. The improvement of National Highway 105 was completed. The convergence of public transportation and telecommunications has been largely completed. Construction plan of urban-rural integration of Ji-Tai Corridor and city clusters and other specific plans are under formation. Functions of counties were improved. Infrastructure construction including urban road, power and electricity supply, post and telecommunications, flood control and drainage, disposal of sewage and rubbish was moving forward comprehensively. 7 counties were listed as Province Level Garden County. Ji’an County was successfully listed as State Level Garden County. Xingan County as successfully listed as National Healthy County. Jishui Adminstration Center was listed as the Provincial Model of Livable city.  
Focusing on “Luling with profound culture and history, Ji’an with beautiful mountains and lakes”,we gave great impetus to urban construction and rural construction in 2011. 258 key projects were implemented, with a total investment of 12.52 billion Yuan. The urbanization ratio reached 39.62%, increasing by 2.03%. Construction of central city area is speeding up. Build-up area reached 59.6 square km with an increase of 2.9 square km. Municipal culture and art center was rated as first Top Ten Buildings of Jiangxi Province. Construction of People’s Square, Ji’an Tongping Airport, Road network of Chengnan New District and Bingjiang New District and transformation of main street streetscape has been completed. 93 eco-friendly fundamental urban construction projects with multiple functions are moving forward steadily. The total investment of these projects reaches 4.13 billion Yuan. 
Construction of forestry city has been carried out orderly. Afforestation and beautifying and brightening projects have been implemented effectively. Green area in park has increased 54,000 square meters. Functions and quality of center city are improving. Urban construction is accelerating in counties and cities. Projects of landscaping, streetscape transformation, improvement of commerce and trade market environment, disposal of sewage and rubbish were implemented comprehensively. Garden green space increased by 4.108 million square meters, sewage pipe network increased by 189.5 km. Suichuan County was successfully listed as Provincial Garden County. There are 9 Provincial Garden Counties in Ji’an City in total. Co-governance of urban and rural areas saw great achievements. Construction work of 31 Model Towns and Key Towns were accelerated. Six towns were rated as National Ecological Town. 913 projects for the construction of Socialist New Countryside have been completed. 
A number of Luling-style scenic villages were established and five villages won Provincial Livable Model. Changpu village of Jianggangshan was rated as Most Charming Village in China. Diping Village of Jishui County was rated as National Civilized Village.
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